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EMI ACTIVE, our mission is to bring not only diversity to the sport of fashion, but to the sport itself. With our unique perspective on innovation and function across all of our designs, our philosophy is simple "if it doesn't work for us, it won't work for you." We strive to deliver the best experience to every athlete and individual our products touch. In partnership with our customers, ambassadors & stakeholders, we strive to out dress your greatest expectations.

.......From EMI with Love

  • The experience was great. Product was ordered and shipped within minutes. Will recommend this item to anyone and the quality is awesome.

    Hailey J.

  • Stellar customer service! The gloves wear so well and last. The website is super easy to navigate and I can’t wait to see what other products they’ll launch in the future.

    Britt H.

  • By far the best leggings I've ever bought. They are perfect for on the ice and stay up my whole practice. They are so warmest and softest leggings ever!! Will definitely be buying more!

    Kenzie L.