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Explore the world of figure skating with Iliana in this week's exclusive Q&A. Gain insights into the daily challenges and triumphs of this talented skater. Whether you're a fan or just curious, join us for an inside look at Iliana's journey – a story of dedication, discipline, and the pursuit for excellence. Stay tuned for a glimpse into the in's and outs of figure skating life!


1)  Skating can work up quite an appetite. What's the one snack you always have in your bag for those between-session cravings?

I always try to have fresh fruit/vegetables on hand. Mandarins and strawberries are my favorite. I also really like snacking on cucumbers. I usually will have a protein bar always ready or in my kiss n cry bag.



2)  Training in figure skating requires immense discipline. Could you shed some light on your daily training routine and the challenges you've faced along the way?

I skate daily even if I’m just practicing by myself. In my current routine I skate about 7-10 hours a week. I get about 3 hours a week of private coaching and then I spend anywhere between 4-7 hours just practicing the remainder of the week. I split up those hours between 3 different rinks during the week. One of the main challenges is getting to my lessons on time since my home rink is about a 45 minute drive from home and I still go to regular public school so it’s been a struggle to maintain my routine but I love skating so it’s worth it.




3)  Figure skaters often have signature moves or elements. What is your favorite aspect of your routine, and how do you infuse your personal style into your performances?

My favorite part of my current program is an illusion. As far as my style goes I usually stick to lyrical pieces of music but I’m trying to change it up this season and I have a fun short program this year I’m working on.


4)  Can you share a memorable moment from your career that defined your passion for figure skating and reinforced your commitment to the sport?


A memorable moment for me that’s reinforced my love for the sport is when I landed my first double jump! After that I quickly picked up my other doubles and it has made me want to work harder. I’m currently working on my double axel.

5)  Off the ice, what hobbies or activities do you enjoy to unwind and take a break from the demanding world of figure skating?

When I’m not skating I like to paint but my greatest hobby the past few months has been crocheting! I have already made a purse and I’m currently working on a stuff crotchet cow that I’m excited to show off once done.

6)  Figure skating is known for its artistic expression. Can you share a moment in your career when you felt a deep connection with the music and emotions of your routine?

I remember one of my first programs when I started competing was to Lala land and I remember how much I enjoyed that routine and connected to it because it’s one of my favorite movies! I love the soundtrack and I think being able to skate to something you really enjoy helps you connect and just have fun. 

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For every figure skater out there, Iliana's journey has left us with a profound lesson: Embrace the richness of your experiences, let wisdom guide your blades, and dedicate yourself wholeheartedly to the art of figure skating.



Whether you're perfecting a new routine, overcoming a setback, or reveling in success, each moment adds depth to your story. Embrace the challenges, savor the triumphs, and let your passion be the guiding force that propels you to new heights.





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