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4 Must Haves For Your Winter Wardrobe

It's never too early to start thinking about your winter wardrobe. Winter is our favorite season of the year. Not just because of our most beloved sport, figure skating, but also traveling in the winter. Go after it and update your wardrobe with these 4 Winter Must-Haves......

1. Quilted Vest

"A good puffer vest can work with all of your outfits. You can layer it with a bright long sleeve top, a nice pair of neutral sneakers, and a nice bright or neutral-toned purse."

We recommend these pieces below.



Black Quilted Puffer Jacket  

Green Quilted Puffer


2. A Nice Pair of Leggings

"When winter comes around It's time to bring out your best pair of leggings. We love a sleek pair of leather pants and our solid black leggings......

We love these pieces below...

Best Black Leggings

 Vegan Leather Leggings


3. Warm Gloves


"We think a nice stylish pair of gloves will tie your whole outfit together while keeping you warm at the same time. They are timeless pieces that you will get tons of use.

Here are two we recommend...

  Women's quilted gloves      

    Our technically warm gloves



4. A Classic Turtleneck

"A classic turtleneck is our favorite staple for any winter outfit. These are perfect for layering or wearing alone on vacation or running around town. 

Here are our top two turtlenecks...

        Black Classic Turtleneck 

 White Turtleneck





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